1. Evans Pyramid
    Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Stanton Davis' Ghetto Mysticism
    New Jersey
  3. Afro Kelenkye Band
    Accra, Ghana
  4. Joanne Wilson
    Trinidad and Tobago
  5. Emanuel Taylor
    Detroit, Michigan
  6. The Jagger Botchway Group
    Portland, Oregon
  7. Roy Roberts
    North Carolina
  8. SJOB Movement
  9. The Apostles
  10. Junior Byron
  11. Septimus
  12. Yoruba Singers
  13. Thing
    Boston, Massachusetts
  14. Space Cats
    Emalahleni, South Africa


Cultures of Soul Boston, Massachusetts

Cultures of Soul Records is the label catering to the tastes of DJs all over the world playing unique, rare, and unreleased styles of funk, soul, jazz, disco, latin, brazilian, and afro beat for their dancefloors.

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